The Second Money System


The greatest enemy humanity has ever faced is now very close to winning the war for total control over the planet. They have reached this pinnacle of power through various means but the most powerful of which is certainly the money system.

Through control of the money system, The Powers That Be (PTB) have captured the minds and energy of the entire human race. I have to hand it them… they have been exceedingly devious and successful.

From my point of view, solutions to the current problems threatening the earth and all of humanity seem to be band-aid solutions and none of them that I am aware of, speak to the underlying cause of the problem. So I thought it wise to learn from the masters of manipulation and from where I sit, the answer lies in the problem.

The money system is the problem and the money system is the solution. The PTB would not have chosen the money system as their weapon of total control if it had not been the absolute best device to control humanity and therefore the earth.

My solution therefore uses the same device (the monetary system) but the outcome will be 180 degrees from theirs.

In this essay I will outline the BASICS of the system in hopes that a conversation can be started. I do not claim to have all the answers. In fact, I know I should just present the idea and if the concept has merit, much brighter minds than mine will add to it until a truly workable solution is ready to present to all of humanity.

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